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My Journey

My name is Will. I am many things, and I wear many hats. This chronicle is a record of my 50th year of life. If you are reading this, you have been given an upfront, "as I go" view into what will be a 365 installation account of who I am, and what means the most to me.

I would describe myself as a white, Christian, conservative, straight, male who happens to live with a disability. While all these things speak to who I am, none of them define me in and of themselves. I am also an entrepreneur. I am also a proud Toastmaster. Ultimately, I am a traveller on a journey through this thing called life.


I hope you will join me on my voyage of discovery.

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"Dreams are meant to be realized. You have to chase them with all your being. Otherwise, you're merely sleeping your way through life."

My Mission

Leaving a legacy is important to me and, seeing as I am about to mark a half-century of existence on this planet, I thought I would share some of the lessons life has taught me. It is as much for me as it is for you, the reader. After all, we come into this world naked and alone, and we leave the same way. Ultimately, all that matters are the choices we make in the time we are given.

My hope is that this website will inspire others to become their own best versions. I hope that my story will encourage those to follow to embark on their own journeys, and that they will live deliberately, with passion. All anyone can ask of life is to reward them according to what they put into it. We are entitled to nothing. We are capable of everything.

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