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A Game of Inches

Updated: Jan 30

Anyone who knows me, will know that I am a very competitive person. Sports has made up a big part of my life and watching it on television is definitely one of my passions. A friend of mine recently got me to start watching NFL football. Over the years, I have often watched the Super Bowl which, to the uninitiated, is the culmination of the season where the two best performing teams compete for the Vince Lombardi trophy, a very noteworthy accomplishment if you happen to be the team to win.

As a South African, or just about anyone other than an American, NFL football would make very little sense. First of all, football is played with every part of the body except the feet. Yes, kicking the ball is part of the game, but only as a last resort. I had to go and do my homework (see accompanying video) to find out about the game, its rules, and the different positions in which players take part.

And then there is the question of sleep, and how much you will get of it if you follow the fortunes of a given team. NFL football games tend to start at what I would like to call stupid o'clock in the morning. Every once in awhile, you may get to watch one which starts at around 8 – 9 PM but, for the most part, kick off is anywhere between 1 – 3 AM, only finishing perhaps three hours later. One really has to be a fan if, like myself, you still need to hold down a day job.