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My Covid Journey

I became aware of Covid 19 in December 2019, as reports started emerging out of China as well as other countries in the region of a new SARS type illness that was doing the rounds. Initially, it was obscure in nature and not many details were being released as to where it came from, or how virulent it was. Remembering the original SARS outbreak in Hong Kong a few years ago, I believed that it would be contained within the area and run its course. Never could I have imagined the extent to which it would affect the world we live in.

As it turned out, the virus spread across the globe quite quickly, affecting Europe profoundly. Italy, in particular, was hardest hit and it was then no surprise that on the morning of Thursday, 5 March 2020, we in South Africa recorded our first case of the disease through a couple who have travelled to Italy and had returned to their home in KwaZulu-Natal. We, as a country, were put under level 5 lockdown on 26 March and, the rest as they say, is history. A three-week lockdown turned into a two-year rollercoaster of back-and-forth levels, at least three different waves and variants, and Draconian rules put into place by a government wanting to remind us, its citizens, that they had absolute power over our lives.

So, let me be clear. Covid 19 was, and is, a real disease that affected real people, some of whom died because of it. It was a tragedy. The worldwide pandemic was the first of its kind since the Spanish flu of 1918, but to equate it to this was not only highly unjustifiable, but was, I believe, an attempt by world powers such as the WHO, the UN, the WEF, et cetera, to flex their collective muscle and take away humanity's rights by instilling fear in us all. All the while, I was asking myself; how did we get here? Where did this illness come from? The answers I started to find were shocking, but what horrified me most, was the degree to which mainstream media, governments, and the aforementioned worldwide bodies were prepared to go to keep us all in the dark.

During lockdown, we had rules placed over us by the South African "Corona Command Council" that included what some might consider common sense, along with others that one might call absolute insanity. While I could understand things like the banning of alcohol, because of people getting drunk, doing stupid things, and congesting emergency rooms at hospitals, I could not get my head around why one was banned from wearing a tank top, or toeless shoes? What was so dangerous about purchasing a cooked chicken from a grocery store? And, while I am not a smoker, I wondered why cigarettes were suddenly made illegal to purchase, bearing in mind that a smoker will go out of their way, and pay whatever price to procure these? And they did.

It also seemed to me that our government was doing its level best to show those of us living in townships that it was making life in the suburbs equally difficult. While our military was deployed to enforce people's observation of the law within the former, the police now employed every effort to arrest those from the latter who felt it their right to go surfing, or put out their garbage on a collection day. Dangerous criminals, one and all. I always got the impression that, in order to maintain law and order of the new normal they deemed appropriate within informal settlements, our government had to show that those of us with means were not above their new rules and regulations.

Looking back, Covid 19 was something that put strain on everyone, but, ultimately affected the poor most profoundly. Yet, more than the disease itself, it was government's response to it, based on "scientific advice" that it never deemed fit to share with us, the citizens, that did the most damage to businesses, jobs, and overall quality of life. Fear, as it turns out, is a powerful motivator that the ANC government cashed in on, with scandal after scandal coming out regarding how they got rich, their families benefited, all the while expecting us, the South African citizen's, to remain effectively under house arrest.

So, did vaccines stop the transmission of the disease? No. Did they create immunity? No. Apart from N95 masks, did cloth masks stop the spread? No. Did lockdowns make any difference? No. People were always going to get sick. Some were always going to die. But Covid 19 had a survivability rate of over 98%, way higher than TB. Yet here in the Western Cape, we have one of the highest prevalences of TB in the world and no one has ever put us under house arrest. Why now?

I believe that history will judge the governments of the world harshly for the measures they put in place with regards to Covid 19. I believe that it will be shown that forcing people to wear ineffective masks, get injected with untested and, as it turns out, dangerous "vaccines", or putting them under house arrest, was not only unnecessary, it was a blatant attempt to flex the collective muscle of the powers that be and show the rest of us how truly powerless we are.

Who was to blame for Covid 19, where it came from, or what we should expect from here on in is probably material for another blog and another time, but for now, I am giving the ANC and the South African government my one finger salute, which is to say, thank you for absolutely nothing. You live in your ivory towers, with your privilege, feeding at the trough of the public purse, while we are left to carry the brunt and burden of your collective ineptitude and corrupt natures.

There is a special place in hell reserved for you. I hope it was worth it.

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