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The Way to my Heart

I am a typical male. The way to my heart, contrary to what your doctor might tell you, is not between the third and fourth rib. Rather, it is through my stomach. I have been quite fortunate to have travelled to a few foreign countries in my life, and been able to sample their cuisines. Sadly, I haven't travelled nearly as much as I would have wanted to, however, but thankfully, there is something that will always allow us to gain an appreciation of a foreign land and its people – its food.

In this blog I will give you a few examples of different dishes I have enjoyed from around the world, whether in person or vicariously through some or other restaurant, or cookbook. I will guarantee that I have personally eaten each and every one of these dishes (yum!) and am prepared to vouch for them, personally.

Paella (Spain)

The seafood dish was first prepared for me by my late mother. It is one of my all-time favourites (aren't they all?) And is perfect with a crisp white wine to accompany it.

Moussaka (Greece)

I first tried moussaka in Greece in the 1980s. Imagine a cottage pie on steroids, and you've got the making of a great dish that the whole family will love. Try this with a nice Greek retsina.

Eisbein (Germany)

This gem is best served with sauerkraut and a bit of mashed potato. I have a wonderful little restaurant down the road from where I live that makes it very well, but be warned, it is a big eat and quite rich. It is best enjoyed with a stein of your favourite German lager or pale ale.

Steak Au Poivre (France)

This dish takes me back to my hometown to a lovely little restaurant of my youth. I was introduced to it by a man I came to admire very much. He certainly had very good taste in food. As in the accompanying video, it is very good with French fries. I would suggest a medium bodied red wine such as a Merlot to go with it.

Peri Peri Chicken Galinha (Mozambique)

This dish takes me back to my days when I was a student. We made it slightly differently to the included video, but both look equally good. Again, with this dish, I would suggest a crisp white wine. Also, the man in the video makes his with French fries, but I would suggest that it goes better with either potato wedges or potato skins.

Lamb Vindaloo (India)

This dish evokes memories of a great local Indian restaurant and a belly dancer named Sherry. It goes well with fragrant rice and a medium bodied red wine, such as a Shiraz. Definitely a winter warmer!

Tom Yum Goong Soup (Thailand)

I absolutely adore Thai food, and this soup is one of my favourite dishes. It combines a few of my most favourite things, Asian herbs and spices, and prawns.

BBQ Pork Ribs (USA)

No list of my favourite foods would be complete without barbecue spare ribs. No matter the ribs, beef or pork, they are just awesome. The video I attached as a "how-to" is merely a suggestion. Everyone has their own way of doing theirs. I would imagine that you, reading this, are no different.

This is best enjoyed with your favourite beer. For sides, the sky's the limit. A green salad, potato salad, corn bread, garlic loaf, they all work well. This dish is summer on a stick!

I truly hope you enjoyed the handful of dishes I chose to include in this piece. Of course, I chose them because I enjoy them, but also, I chose them because they are easy to make and the ingredients are readily available. If you have any of your favourites you would like to tell me about, kindly leave them in the comments. Perhaps include some context as to what they mean to you and why you love them so much.

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