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The Way to my Heart

I am a typical male. The way to my heart, contrary to what your doctor might tell you, is not between the third and fourth rib. Rather, it is through my stomach. I have been quite fortunate to have travelled to a few foreign countries in my life, and been able to sample their cuisines. Sadly, I haven't travelled nearly as much as I would have wanted to, however, but thankfully, there is something that will always allow us to gain an appreciation of a foreign land and its people – its food.

In this blog I will give you a few examples of different dishes I have enjoyed from around the world, whether in person or vicariously through some or other restaurant, or cookbook. I will guarantee that I have personally eaten each and every one of these dishes (yum!) and am prepared to vouch for them, personally.

Paella (Spain)

The seafood dish was first prepared for me by my late mother. It is one of my all-time favourites (aren't they all?) And is perfect with a crisp white wine to accompany it.